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His quick temper, stubborn temper, but Under Armour Curry 1 nagging, and narrow-minded. They often quarrel occur for a number of trivial matters. Two days ago,Under Armour Curry Low had just had a fight. Cause very common. That day, Under Armour Curry 2 has been running around in circles in the kitchen is another vegetable stir fry, but he leisurely reclined on the couch playing with the phone. Busy busy,under armour stephen curry undetermined origin had jumped up, could not help but nagging at him on the couch opened:? "You know every day into the house to play with the phone, never do housework have you do what I respect a man doing housework! "If now Under Armour Curry 1 Low can carry forward style, understand the woman's nagging is Youkouwuxin, less two, let her vent vent its anger, no problem. He happens without her, impatiently answered: "?Under Armour Curry 1 do not just idle this moment, you make a meal thought just how great merit ah" Under Armour Curry Low just so noisy under armour stephen curry sentence you to open, who also less one refused. Noisy anxious he picked up the phone suddenly fell to the ground mercilessly go. "Pop", that the Department bought a mobile phone near instantaneous fragmentation. Under Armour Curry 2 suddenly shocked, then without saying a word, turned into the kitchen, "bang" slamming shut the door. Subsequently, Under Armour Curry 1 Low stormed out.

The under armour stephen curry is very quiet. Lights dim light leaking from the cracks in the curtains came slanting on the bed. Under Armour Curry Low sat up from the yard, looked at the dark, he did not move.Under Armour Curry 1 turned on the light and saw Under Armour Curry 2 curled up in the yard, the whole face twisted in pain.